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Tips for optimizing space in small apartments

Tips for optimizing space in small apartments

Make every little corner special

Small spaces call for solutions that optimize space. When you are in a pinch, resort to creative objects to impress and enjoy every corner of your apartment. 

2 in 1 furniture

Lack of space sometimes forces us to make choices. “What looks better in that corner? A stool or a chest?” Why not both? With 2 in 1 furniture, you can invest in convenience without forfeiting beauty.

The multipurpose chest, in addition to storing toys and other items, can double as a side table or stool, depending on the environment in which it is placed. In the laundry room, it is great for storing utensils without compromising space.

The multipurpose stool, on the other hand, is perfect for the children's room. In addition to being used to sit down when doing homework, it can store toys before and after playing.

Organization is everything

A messy house seems smaller than it actually is. In small apartments, organization is essential for valuing space!

Organizer boxes are an inexpensive and efficient solution. You can purchase several boxes, in different colors and sizes, to store items as needed. When it comes to organizing, thinking inside the box can be a good idea.

Climbing up the walls

If each square meter is already at maximum capacity, there is only one way to go: up. Shelves and bookcases help maximize that “vertical space” and ensure a place for every book, picture frame, and decor item in your apartment. That way, you don't have to give up anything to make things look good.

Enjoying the tips? When it comes to optimizing space in small areas, creativity and organization are your greatest allies. And, of course, count on us to find the best decoration and renovation solutions to look good in any size environment.


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