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Taking care of your plants

Taking care of your plants

Learn to keep them well watered on hot days.

If there is one thing we all agree on, it is that plants give life to any environment. Growing flowers, foliage, and shrubs has become an increasingly common practice, bringing balance, a feeling of well-being, and warmth to our lives.

But, in order to have beautiful and healthy plants, some precautions are essential, and one of the most important is regarding watering... Especially during summer, as it is a period of high temperatures, and the plants are in full growth.

  • What are the best times to water?

Early morning or late afternoon. Avoid watering during the hottest periods of the day, as a large part of the water volume is lost even before reaching the ground. Prioritize watering at the base of the plants, avoiding wetting the leaves, thus reducing the appearance of foliar diseases.

  • How often? 

This can vary greatly depending on the type of plant and also the climate. The most recommended is to check the soil. If it is dry, it is time to water. 

To water in a more convenient and efficient way, here are some accessory tips that will be of great help in this task:

1) Hoses: With different diameters, lengths, and pressure resistance, they serve different functions. You can add attachments at the end of the hose, such as nozzles, sprinklers, and water spray guns. They diversify the water dispersion and streamline the task.

2) Sprinklers: Used to water in a semi-automatic manner. For larger spaces, place sprinklers in series, i.e., more than one in the same area. Some models have adjustment of the coverage angle, allowing to direct the area and avoiding wetting sidewalks, windows, and walls.

3) Watering can: It is the most classic method. In addition to being very convenient, it can help saving water. It is suitable for smaller areas or small indoor plants.

4) Self-watering plant pot: It makes water available in small portions, keeping the soil always moist. All you need to do is check the water tank to keep it filled.

By following these tips, you can ensure healthy plants, adding color and beauty to all spaces and keeping the lawn always green!


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