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Objects that streamline cleaning

Objects that streamline cleaning

Impress and make every corner of the house shine

Every part of our house requires special care, right? Having the right utensils and accessories can make our lives much easier and save us time. Discover products that will help to impress and make every part of the house shine.

A touch (from a distance) of sophistication

With the Tramontina automatic trash bins, in addition to beauty and style, you value hygiene, because due to the presence sensor, just go near the item and the trash can lid automatically lifts.

A vacuum cleaner that is a real helper

The garage is also part of the house, and, for some people, the car is like a family member. Therefore, it deserves special care. The portable vacuum cleaner, in addition to streamlining cleaning and leaving the interior of the car free from dust, helps to save money with professional cleaning services.

Don't let organization go down the drain

There is no other way: cooking makes a mess. And there is no better way to take care of cleaning and organizing food preparation than with the Tramontina Morgana Stainless Steel Overlay Sink. It keeps the kitchen sparkling and helps you to impress. 

Did you make a lot of dishes dirty to make that fancy dinner? No worries! At 20,3 cm deep, it has plenty of room for dishes, pans, and flatware. And its built-in detergent dispenser speeds up cleaning.

To impress in the beauty of the kitchen, we have a foolproof trick: the Polishing and Stain Removal Paste. It removes stains caused by grease and water, sanitizes and leaves your stainless steel items looking spotless!

Exterior beauty should also be valued

The garden or backyard is your space for relaxation and fun. Therefore, it deserves special care like any other room in the house. With Tramontina's high-pressure washers, cleaning exterior areas and larger items, such as a motorcycle, becomes easier, faster, and, above all, mindful. With it, it is possible to save up to 80% of water compared to a conventional hose, as the pressure removes dirt faster, using less resources. You can even regulate the water output to obtain everything from a powerful jet to a perfect fan for watering the plants.

Enjoying the tips? Every part of the house has its own personality and requires special care. And Tramontina has the right products to make each one of these areas shine. Choose your favorite and make every corner of the house beautiful.


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