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Creating vertical planters

Creating vertical planters

Make your home more joyful with this new product from Tramontina

Plants make your home more pleasant, healthy and beautiful. Whether you live in a comfortable house or in a small apartment, a vertical planter is the ideal solution!

Tramontina presents the Malaia wall planter, which was conceived to make any part of your house a greener area. You can use it to create your own way of making things beautiful: place it on your balcony, terrace and backyard wall or inside the house.

In addition to the natural benefits, such as improving air quality and protecting the wall from weather conditions, the vertical planter can help you easily garnish your place. Do you remember the laundry room that looks a bit sad or the balcony that no one cares about? Try installing a planter with colorful and fragrant flowers.

In fact, the type of plant you will put in your planter directly impacts the place where it will be installed. Plants that demand more sunlight, for example, need to be outdoors or close to windows with privileged orientation.