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Complete Your Kitchen With A Stainless Steel Pan

Complete Your Kitchen With A Stainless Steel Pan

They are practical, with a characteristic design, and they keep food hot for longer. You have probably heard that their handles and knobs get hot, and that some people have a hard time cleaning them.

We can promise that none of this is true. With some care you will be able to get the most out of your pan without worrying about these issues. Check it out: 

The main tip for using this type of pan is to always use medium or low heat.  Because it has a triple-layer bottom, the pan doesn’t need (and shouldn’t be used on) high heat. Stainless steel pans conduct heat evenly and hold the temperature much longer so that you can cook with it and even bring it to the table, because the food stays hot. Moreover, the handle doesn’t heat up.

Another important detail: You know those yellow stains on the pan that seem impossible to remove? They are also the result of high heat. Yellowish and dark stains appear mainly due to overly high temperature, especially when using stainless steel to heat oils. By using it properly, it will be easier to clean and last longer.

Tramontina has several lines of stainless steel pans for you. Choose your favorite and get ready to make beautiful things in the kitchen.


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