Barbecue wherever, however and whenever you want

Barbecue wherever, however and whenever you want

Discover the advantages of having a portable barbecue grill

Let’s be honest: having a barbecue grill at home is awesome! This is true whether or not you eat meat, because grilled vegetables have a very special flavor. Not to mention that pineapple with cinnamon as a finishing touch...

With a portable barbecue grill, everything is better. Apart from being more practical, they are easy to assemble and clean and consume less charcoal than a masonry barbecue grill. Not to mention the charm, right?

Imagine, for example, taking your family to the seaside on the weekend and the beach house has no barbecue grill. Find some space in the trunk and take the TCP-560L with you. It is not only very easy to assemble and economical, it also has wheels in case it starts raining.

If you want to impress at the poolside barbecue, grilling a special cut of meat that requires a specific cooking temperature, the TCP-450L with thermometer in the lid is the way to go. With it, nothing gets overcooked and you even look good in the picture!