Tramontina Bárbara 28 cm Porcelain Dinner Plate

Code 96600201

To ensure more classic meals, the Tramontina Bárbara 28 centimeter porcelain dinner plate is indispensable! It is inspired by the strength of enterprising women, who stand firm in every decision and have the courage to face business life. Its porcelain is highly resistant, with a reinforced rim and almost no porosity, in addition to having excellent whiteness, an impeccable shine and being translucent, which guarantees a stylish table. Choose Tramontina and make your meal times even more special!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Made of Traditional Porcelain
High Resistance (reinforced edge)
Collection: Barbara HS
Recommendations for Use When using the product for the first time, wash it well with a soft sponge and mild soap;
Wash the items using a soft sponge and mild soap;
Do not put these items in the oven;
Do not place items over direct flame;
Use in the microwave (follow the instructions on the product's label);
Use in the dishwasher (follow the instructions on the product's label).
Warranty 90 days of legal warranty for manufacturing flaws and defects.
Seals Selos