Tramontina 80 cm 220V stainless steel and tempered glass wall-mounted range hood

Code 95800012

With a minimalist design, Tramontina's Perfecta Line 80cm 220V New Vetro 80 stainless steel and tempered glass wall-mounted range hood has an abundance of details that offer beauty and modernity to your kitchen. In addition to its functionality, it also adds practicality, durability, and high quality to your daily routine. Prepare even more practical and delicious meals without smoke or strong smells spreading through the house. Tramontina's range hood is recommended for use above cooktops of up to 80cm. Since safety, as well as beauty, is an extremely important requirement, the range hood motor includes a device that switches off automatically in the event of overheating. It will make your kitchen design project surprising and extremely charming.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Installation: Wall
Voltage: 220 V
Material: Stainless steel and tempered glass
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Maximum power: 260 W
Control: Pulsating
Speed levels: 3
Noise level: 63 db(A) - acc. to IEC 60704 standard
Flow: 620m3/hour - acc. to IEC 61591 standard
Lighting: 2 LED light bulbs (2 x 1.5W)
Washable metal filter: 1
Charcoal filter: 1 - Ambifresh 1 model
Accessories included:
- Installation kit
- 1 Ambifresh 1 activated charcoal filters

For kitchens with a ceiling higher than 2.70m, Tramontina offers complementary stainless steel chimneys with the same finish as the range hood ? this material may be purchased from the Authorized Service Network.

Illustrative Images. Tones and finishes may vary from one product to another.
Recommendations for Use Make sure the power tension indicated in the product identification label inside the range hood is the same of your home network 127V or 220V. The range hood is not dual voltage.
In the exhaust function, fumes and smoke coming from cooking enter the hood, pass through the metallic filter which retains the fat, and are directed to the outside through a duct.
In the purifying function, fumes and smoke go through the metallic filter which retains the fat, and then through a charcoal filter, which purifies the air and redirects it to the environment, odor-free. It is not necessary to make an external opening for the outlet.
In both functions, the metallic filters should be periodically cleaned. In the purifying function, the charcoal filter should be replaced as set out in the instructions manual, never washed or re-used.
We recommend that the installation of the range hood be done by the Tramontina Authorized Services Network.
The installation is done at the consumer's expense.
The range hood must be installed at a minimum height of 650 mm, and maximum 750 mm above the cooktop or stove burners.
For more information on how should be done the cleaning product, consult the instruction manual.
Certification Certified product according to OCP-0029, UL, Safety, Compulsory, Inmetro.
Weight 16,60 kg
Warranty Warranties this product against any manufacturing defects for a total period of 10 years (120 months).
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