Tramontina's Inox 60 25 L stainless steel inset microwave oven with Scotch Brite finish and 8 settings

Code 94880003

Tramontina's Inox 60 25 L stainless steel inset microwave oven with 8 settings and 11 pre-programs combines style and practicality for your daily routine. This Perfecta Line appliance has a total capacity of 25L and stainless steel interior which ensures a longer-lasting product, makes it easier to clean, and guarantees an even distribution of heat inside the oven.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Installation: Inset
Operation: Electric
Material: Stainless steel (external and internal)
Fingerprint-proof finish: Yes
Capacity (net volume): 25 liters
Functions: 8
- Fast Cooking
- Microwave Grill
- Combined Mode
- Defrosting
- Multi Cooking
- Keep Warm
- Cleaning
Pre-programs on the auto menu: 11
- A-01: Rice
- A-02: Vegetables
- A-03: Milk / Coffee
- A-04: Popcorn
- A-05: Potatoes
- A-06: Pizza
- A-07: Fish
- A-08: Bread
- A-09: Chicken
- A-10: Meat
- A-11: Beefsteak

Control: Mechanical
Cooling system: Yes
Dashboard: Electronic
Dashboard lock: Yes
Timer with auto switch off: Yes
Timer with auto switch on: No
Lighting: 1 internal light bulb
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 60Hz
Total power: 1500W
Maximum consumption: 1.5 kWh
Accessories included:
- Spinning plate: 315mm
- Metal support
- Installation kit

Illustrative Images. Tones and finishes may vary from one product to another.
Recommendations for Use We recommend that the installation of the oven be done by the Tramontina Authorized Services Network.
It is essential to ensure the circulation of air in the side and rear parts of the microwave oven for a good ventilation. The mobile openings must be respected, and they should not be obstructed.
The mobile rear must be open to ensure good ventilation. The mobile space where you will install the product must have the dimensions as consistent instructions.
The microwave oven should be cleaned frequently, and any residual deposit removed. Do not keep the microwave in a clean condition can it leads to the deterioration of its components thus reducing the life of your product.
Certification Certified product according to OCP-0029, UL, Safety, Compulsory, Inmetro. Record nº: 008751/2014. 52% performance. "B" efficiency.
Weight 16,55 kg
Capacity 25.00 L
Warranty Warranties this product against any manufacturing defects for a total period of 10 years (120 months).