Tramontina 60cm 127V stainless steel wall-mounted extractor fan

Code 94810110

Tramontina's Standard Line 60 cm 127 V Compact 60 stainless steel wall-mounted extractor fan may be installed in the exhaust mode (without activated carbon filters and with holes in the wall/ceiling to let air out) or purifying mode (with activated carbon filters and without holes in the wall/ceiling to let air out). Installed in kitchens of up to 5m² with 150m³/h suction power, it is possible to renew the air in the room 12 times in one hour. The maximum noise of 65 dB (speed 3) may be compared to that of a group conversation. Product tested in the assembly line by Tramontina quality inspectors. The extractor fan motor has an automatic switch-off device that becomes active when overheating. Made entirely of stainless steel, it is ideal to go above cooktops of up to 60cm. All you have to do is try it yourself and approve it.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Installation: Wall
Voltage: 127V
Material: Stainless steel
Frequency: 60Hz
Maximum power: 145W
Control: Sliding
Speed levels: 3
Noise level: 65 db(A) - acc. to IEC 60704 standard
Flow: 150m3/hour - acc. to IEC 61591 standard
Lighting: 1 incandescent light bulb (1 x 40W)
Washable metal filter: 2
Charcoal filter: 2 - Carbon F model
Accessories included:
- Installation kit
- 2 Carbon F activated charcoal filters
Recommendations for Use The height between the hob and the extractor must be at minimum 650 mm and maximum 750 mm.
Follow the cutout size to help the installation.
The charcoal filters, which follow with the extractor must be change every four months, or frequent periods depending of its use.
The aluminium filter must be washed once a week, when in normal use conditions, or as it needs.
Certification Certified product according to OCP-0029, UL, Safety, Compulsory, Inmetro.
Weight 5,50 kg
Warranty Warranties this product against any manufacturing defects for a total period of 10 years (120 months).