Cleaning spray for stainless steel Tramontina 300 ml

Code 94537003

The Superinox Tramontina is ideal for light cleaning of stainless steel surfaces and has the power to keep the natural shine of the piece, be it a hood, a tub, a refrigerator, a handrail, a lift or even household items such as pots, tableware, but with careful rinsing after cleaning, because these items are used for food. Its application is easy, simply spray directly on the piece, wait a few seconds for the product reaction and pass the clean, dry or wet flannel, for quick and impeccable cleanliness.
Product indicated to shine and remove superficial stains on stainless steel pans, bowls, tableware, ovens, hoods, depurators, refrigerators and elevators.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Liquid product of easy application.
Helps to remove dirt without effort.
Make easy diary cleaning and shine maintenance on stainless steel products.
Recommendations for Use Spray daily on surfaces to be clean, wait some seconds to product take effect on dirt and take the excess with a clean smooth flannel (it can be use dry or humid flannel).
In case of kitchenware like pans, tableware and others, after applied the product always rinse with clean water and dry.
Validity: 18 months after manufacture date.
Weight 0,35 kg
Length 90 mm
Width 30 mm
Height 230 mm
Seals Selos