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Cutting board + acessorries

Code 94530022

Leaked cutting board in Jatobá wood, with smart Accessories: support for goblet drying, auxiliary basket and dish drainer.
The wood cutting board can be fitted in the bowl, ensuring a better use of space on the desktop.
For exclusive use in Quadrum and Vitrum bowls.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Jatobá wood.
Tichkness wood 18 mm.
Stainless steel AISI 304.
Scotch brite stainless steel finishing.
Stainless steeel tichkness 1 mm.
Accessories: auxiliary wood citting board + goblet drainer + dish drainer + basket.
To correct use of the board, the bowl must be installed as template.
Compatible with the following references Vitrum and Quadrum línes: 94000/ 94004 / 94005 / 94006 / 94007 / 94008 / 94009 / 93914 / 93915 / 93917 / 93918 / 93920 / 93922 / 93924 / 93925 / 93927 / 93929
All images are merely illustrative.
Recommendations for Use For Wood cutting board
Before using the cutting board for the first time, wash it with hot water, soap and wipe it down well.
When dry, rub a little kitchen oil over the entire surface, making sure to remove all the excess.
After each use, always wash the product with water and a neutral soap, drying it well with a cloth.
The cleaning necessities (washing, drying and storing correctly) contribute to your cutting board maintaining its healthy and natural characteristics.
Always let it dry before storing.
Store in a well aired place. It should not be stored whilst still damp.
Never use a steel sponge or place it in a dishwasher.
Do not leave it submerged in water or store it under the sink.
Avoid storing in a drawer.
Do not stack pieces while still wet.
A mixture of water and vinegar may be used for cleaning, as this helps combat bacteria.
Use the template that accompanies the bowl to make the cut in the granite, so the wood cutting board fits perfectly.

Stainless steel accessories:
Clean with normal neutral detergents. - Only use soft sponge or cloth to wash the piece. - Avoid contact with muriatic acid, sanitary water or anyother type of solvent that may damage the product. - Never leave metal on the pieces for long periods, to prevent corrosion. - Rinse and dry after use.
Weight 3,69 kg
Length 416 mm
Width 320 mm
Height 18 mm
Warranty (90 days legal warranty)
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