Tramontina wood cutting board for sinks and bowls 420 x 360 mm

Code 94530006

Made in Brazil, Tramontina's 42 x 36cm wooden cutting board for sinks and bowls makes your kitchen routine more practical and modern. Made of teca wood, it measures 42 x 36cm. Perfect to cut foods, it fits perfectly in the bowl. You can add a strainer to make your work on the surfaces even easier. Will fit in 400 x 340mm, 530 x 400mm and 560 x 340mm vats.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Material: Teca wood
Strainer slot: Yes
Recommended for: 400 x 340, 530 x 400, and 560 x 340mm bowls
Recommendations for Use It has Microban antibacterial protection, which gives security for food preparation.
Before using the cutting board for the first time, wash it with hot water, soap and wipe it down well. When dry, rub a little kitchen oil over the entire surface, making sure to remove all the excess.
After each use, always wash the product with water and a neutral soap, drying it well with a cloth.
The cleaning necessities (washing, drying and storing correctly) contribute to your cutting board maintaining its healthy and natural characteristics.
Always let it dry before storing.
Store in a well aired place. It should not be stored whilst still damp.
Do not leave it submerged in water or store it under the sink.
To use the mold that follows the bucket to make the cut in the stone, to fit the cutting board properly.
Weight 2,70 kg
Warranty (90 days legal warranty)