Tramontina Design Collection Quadrum in Stainless Steel with PVD Black Coating 50x40 cm

Code 94007503

Tramontina's Design Collection Quadrum in Stainless Steel with PVD Black coating and Scotch Brite finish 50x40 cm is the perfect choice for those who love innovating and guaranteeing charm to all rooms in the house! The sophisticated design of this sink in stainless steel with a Scotch Brite finish in black will transform your kitchen with beauty and elegance. With a depth of 20 cm, this sink can be easily adapted to a wide range of projects and suits a really special décor. It can be installed embedded in the balloon (Undermount), on the counter (semi flush) or flush, perfectly level with the surface. It also comes with a 4 1/2" drain valve with overflow to make its installation easier. It's the perfect choice for bringing style, high resistance and durability into your kitchen!

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits AISI 304 Stainless steel bowl.
Thickness 1,2 mm.
Scotch Brite finish with PVD Black coating .
Physical vapor deposition (PVD) process used to produce a metal vapor that can be deposited on certain items as though it were a thin colored coating.
Depth of bowl 200 mm.
Capacity: 40 L
Inner radius of 10 mm.
Bowl with sound dampening adhesive.
Included accessories Ø 4 1/2'' drain valve with overflow and manual.
Dimensions for cutting the countertop are available for reference in the Product Manual online or in the template included with the product.
For flush installation, you should also purchase the Flush Kit ref. 94532/107.
Cutting niche for semi flush installation: 512 x 412 mm
Recommendations for Use For a perfect operation of the bowl, initially assemble the valve, and after, set the piece on the countertop,
according to the instruction leaflet accompanying the product.
Remove the label on the piece.
Thoroughly clean the sink after each use.
Wash thoroughly by using running water and a clean sponge. Avoid using the abrasive side of the sponge to prevent scratches.
Do not allow detergents or other cleaning products to remain on the surface.
Most of these products contain chemical additives that can damage the original finish.
Dry with a soft cloth or flannel after each use.
It is very important to dry the sink well after each use as this will prevent drops or traces of moisture from remaining on the product. By following the instructions above, your sink will keep its original aesthetic features for much longer.
Weight 6,70 kg
Capacity 40.00 L
Warranty 1 year warranty (90 days legal warranty plus 09 months contractual warranty) There is no warranty on risks or loss of tonality (color) of the part with the use of the product.