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Thinking about the best solution for a bin, Tramontina launches the T Line - Force. Products are born with the mission to make a dumpster a piece of good taste. In addition to sophisticated, with lines that define their personality, are products designed to harmonize corporate and residential environments. We have 15 L, 25 L, 50 L, 100 L and in versions with or without wheels. This line also includes the selective collection version. The colors are different, to give a charm to the area not always remembered environment.
Trash Polypropylene, articulable. With smooth surface, which enables easier cleaning. Tampa powered by pedal. resistant drive shaft and guarantees the same opening cover for a long time. It has one (1) year warranty.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Volum: 50L
Made of polypropylene
Not Stackable
Garbage bag recommended: 100L
Recommendations for Use Use only water and mild soap for cleaning.
Extend the product's life by keeping it stored when not in use.
Warranty 1 year (90 days statutory warranty, plus 9 months' contractual warranty) against manufacturing defects.