Tramontina Bertioga Chair in White Polypropylene

Code 92207010

Tramontina's Bertioga chair in white polypropylene makes every environment cozier. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor environments, this armless chair provides comfort and well-being. It is extremely resistant and its quality is certified by INMETRO (Brazilian Certification Agency). This Tramontina chair is perfect for almost any environment!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Maximum recommended load: 182kg
Made of polypropylene
Stackable limit: 40 pieces

Recommendations for Use Do not climb on the seat.
Observe the maximum load capacity.
Always carry with care.
Use only water and mild soap for cleaning.
Remove the product from the space it is located when cleaning the floor; some cleaning products may damage the stool.
Extend the product's life by keeping it stored when not in use.

Certification Product certified according to the Inmetro regulation No 342/2014.

Warranty 1 year (90 days statutory warranty, plus 9 months' contractual warranty) against manufacturing defects.
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