Classic Step Ladder 3 Steps

Code 91850103

Classic Step Ladder 3 Steps

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 1. Household Product
2. This step ladder was not designed for continuous use, generally connected with semi-professional, professional, or industrial activities.
3. Material: aluminum and polypropylene
4. Nominal work load: 264,55lb (120kg)
Recommendations for Use 1. Wipe the step ladder with a soft cloth, water, and mild soap.
2. Keep the steps clean and dry.
3. Store the clean step ladder in a dry and well-ventilated place.
4. People who should not use the step ladder: Children, elderly people, and pregnant women; People affected by labyrinthitis, vertigo, dizziness, or other types of ailments which may be aggravated by climbing up or down, or looking up or down while using the step ladder; Anyone who is not physically or mentally fit, to prevent accidents.
5. Always check the conditions of the step ladder before using it.
6. Observe the maximum weight supported by the step ladder before climbing up carrying materials.
7. Always make sure the step ladder is fully open and locked.
8. Keep to the center of the step ladder, avoiding sudden movements;
9. Always use the step ladder on a smooth, solid surface.
10. Do not use the step ladder on slippery or irregular flooring.
11. Always keep both feet in contact with the steps.
12. Do not use the step ladder simultaneously with another person.
13. As it conducts electricity, do not use the step ladder near power networks.
14. Do not use the step ladder with slippery shoes or barefoot.
15. Discard the step ladder if it is broken, cracked, worn, or damaged in any way by fire or chemical corrosion.

Weight 2,47 kg
Length 612 mm
Width 384 mm
Height 1166 mm
Warranty 90 dias para defeitos de fabricação