9-piece Tramontina Screw Kit with Nylon Bushings

Code 91800023

With the 9-piece Tramontina screw kit with nylon bushings, it is now much easier to attach frames, shelves, and alcoves. It comes with 6 cross slit flathead ?Philips? screws and dichromatic finish, three in size 4x50 millimeters and three in size 3.5x16 millimeters. The kit also comes with three 6 millimeters nylon bushings and guarantees greater ease and speed when carrying out fastening and assembly tasks. Tramontina ensures quality and convenience for every moment!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits
1. 3 units cross slit flat head screw 4x50mm.
2. 3 units 6mm nylon bushings
3. 3 units cross slit flat head screw 3.5x16mm.
4. To assemble the kit, use a cross head screwdriver (?Philips?).
5. Screws with dichromatic finish.
6. Kit components may vary in color tone.
Recommendations for Use
1. For assembly, use a cross head screwdriver (Philips).
2. For masonry wall drilling, use a 6mm diameter drill.
Weight 0,01 kg
Length 85 mm
Width 80 mm
Height 4 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing defects