Tramontina Multipurpose Trunk Made of Unpainted Solid Wood with a Blue Finish

Code 91752073

Bring practicality and functionality to your home with the Tramontina multipurpose trunk made of solid wood with a blue finish. Perfect for holding and storing toys, blankets, magazines and many other objects, it will also help to keep your spaces much more organized. It is made of solid wood with a blue coating finish, is very strong and durable and gives the environments where it is placed a special touch. With Tramontina, you have the best for your home and for your daily routine!

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 1. Pine wood product.
2. Blue coating finish.
3. Easy to assemble.
4. Hardware kit and assembly instructions enclosed.
5. Lock on the cover.
6. The pictures may vary slightly from actual color of the products.
7. Product subject to measurement variation of up to 2% of the rated content.
Recommendations for Use 1. This object is not indicated for outdoor use.
2. For varnished or painted items, remove dust using a dry flannel cloth or a slightly damp rag.
3. For natural items, just remove dust with a dry rag or flannel cloth.
4. For heavier cleaning, use a flannel cloth or damp rag with water and mild soap. Do not use chemicals, steel wool, brushes or abrasive products.
5. From time to time, retighten the bolts to ensure stability and durability.
6. Always pick up your table before moving it around. Pushing or dragging it could bend or break the legs.
7. For transport, dismantle your furniture. You will thus avoid damage to the parts caused by swinging.
Weight 10,76 kg
Length 743 mm
Width 336 mm
Height 420 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing defects
Capacity 85.50 L
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