Tramontina Black Pine Wood Counter Stool.

Code 91418072

A current trend in kitchens nowadays is the open plan style, with a counter dividing the kitchen from the living or dining room. Tramontina's black pine wood counter stool is just what you need to be in line with contemporary home design trends. This counter stool is very comfortable and perfect for enjoying breakfast with your family. With the Tramontina quality, your kitchen will feature current trends with a refined touch.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 1. Solid wood structure.
2. MDF seat.
3. Seat dimensions: 25mm.
4. Enameled paint finish.
5. Product requires assembly.
6. Easy to assemble. Hardware kit and assembly instructions enclosed.
7. Not recommended for outdoor use.
8. Capacity 140kg.
9. The pictures may vary slightly from actual color of the products.
Recommendations for Use 1. This product is not recommended for outdoor use.
2. For varnished or painted items, dust using a dry piece of flannel or a lightly damp cloth.
3. To clean the coated top, use only mild soap and water.
4. Do not use chemical products, steel pads, brushes, or abrasive products.
5. For seats with a light-colored lining, avoid contact with fabrics that bleed dye.
6. Re-tighten screws periodically to ensure stability and durability.
7. Make sure to always lift your shelving unit when moving it. Pushing it or dragging it might twist or break its feet.
8. In the case of moving the item out of house, disassemble your unit. This will avoid damaging key parts due to movement.
9. This product is not recommended for outdoor use.
Weight 4,37 kg
Length 400 mm
Width 400 mm
Height 708 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing defects
Capacity 140.00 KG