Stool Naturalle - Blue

Code 91412072

Stool Naturalle blue, do not be uncomfortable in your own home. With this high stool, you will receive friends without worrying that goes missing place to accommodate everyone

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Designed to provide comfort and good strength, the bench Naturalle average is made of solid wood pine, noble raw material that gives the mobile a natural and good support. This stool has a beautiful paint finish in blue color, preserving itsbeauty and quality for longer. This product has the quality Tramontina, a company that is committed to offer the most modern without forgetting the high quality and functionality.
Recommendations for Use
1- This product is not recommended for outdoor use.
2- For varnished or painted items, dust using a dry piece of flannel or a lightly damp cloth.
3- For natural pieces, only dust with a dry piece of flannel or cloth.
4- For clean the coated top use only wáter and soap.
5- For heavy cleaning, use a damp piece of flannel or cloth with water and mild soap. Do not use chemical products, steel pads, brushes, or abrasive products.
6- Re-tighten screws periodically to ensure stability and durability.
7- Make sure to always lift your shelving unit when moving it. Pushing it or dragging it might twist or break its feet.
8- In the case of moving the item out of house, disassemble your unit. This will avoid damaging key parts due to movement.

Weight 4,37 kg
Length 400 mm
Width 400 mm
Height 708 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing defects