Tramontina Elite Shelf Injected Bracket 900mm

Code 91283091

Shelf Elite

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits
1. Solid pinus wood.
2. Easy assembly.
3. Maple color UV paint finish.
4. Shelf thickness 15mm.
5. Capacity: up to 10kg.
6. Screws and fittings included.
7. Easy to clean shelf.
8. Injected bracket.

Recommendations for Use For varnished or painted items, dust using a dry piece of flannel or a lightly damp cloth.
For heavy cleaning, use a damp piece of flannel or cloth with water and mild soap. Do not use chemical products, steel pads, brushes, or abrasive products.
Weight 2,00 kg
Length 900 mm
Width 250 mm
Height 80 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing defects