Tramontina Modulare 800x400x18mm Pine Shelving Panel with White Finish and Border

Code 91154084

Make the right choice when organizing your environment. The Tramontina Modulare 800x400x18mm pine shelving panel with white finish and border, in addition to adding more beauty to your space, is a highly durable product. Apart from featuring a beautiful white finish, this item also delivers high resistance, giving the object a longer service life. Tramontina brings efficiency to your daily life!

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 1. Solid pine wood panel.
2. It may be used to make furniture and utensils.
3. Panel sold as an individual unit measuring 800x400x18 mm, with white UV coating finish.
4. Supports not included.
5. Product subject to the presence of characteristics inherent to wood, such as veins, knots, pith, shade variation, among others.
6. The color of the object may vary according to the raw material.
7. Product subject to measurement variation of up to 2% of the rated content.
8. Not recommended for outdoor use.
Recommendations for Use 1. Remove dust using a dry flannel rag or slightly dampened with water.
2. For more heavy-duty cleaning, use a flannel rag or cloth dampened with water and mild soap.
3. Do not use chemicals, steel wool, brushes or abrasive products.
Weight 2,91 kg
Length 800 mm
Width 400 mm
Height 18 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing defects
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