Electric Utility Vehicle Elettro 250CE Medium Cage

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Elettro, electric utility vehicles, have been developed to attend the most varied uses, such as cargo transportation and people displacement. With total respect for the environment, they are quiet and operated by battery, which can be recharged at any electrical outlet in both 127 V and 220 V networks. The vehicles are lightweight, with easy and safe handling. The Elettro is a perfect ally for multiple logistics solutions.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - Product made in Brazil.
- Battery-powered electrical engine: 5 kW / 48 V / 6.7 hp.
- Trojan brand batteries.
- Six 8 V batteries, which recharge in approximately 8-10 hours.
- The batteries can be recharged at any residential electric outlet.
- Robust and with off-road design.
- The vehicles are light, safe and easy to drive.
- Wide range of accessories that enhance the use of the equipments.
- Low noise and vibration emissions.
- Zero CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.
- Quiet and offers great performance.
- Low-cost to operate.
- Smooth start.
- Accessories such as 5 V USB input, horn, reverse audible warning, park brake light, digital display (hour meter, speedometer and battery charge meter), rear view mirrors (two), hubcaps and 2-meter charging cable.
- Lighting system with headlight, flashlight, brake light and turn signals (blinkers).
- Transportation capacity: 2 people + 350 kg (basket load capacity).
- Parking brake with electric operation by button on dashboard.
- Brake with hydraulic pedal operation.
- Automatic transmission, with forward-neutral-reverse selector on the dashboard panel.
- Front and rear suspension with reinforced spring beams and individual shock absorbers.
- Maximum controlled speed 25 km/h (forward) and 8 km/h (reverse).
- Aluminum and high-strength steel frame.
- Fairing in polypropylene (PP).
- Upholstered seat, with high backrest.
- 205/50 - 10" rear and front tires.
Recommendations for Use - SEVERAL USES:
Rural properties
Residential condominiums
Industrial parks
Hotels and resorts
Parks and botanical gardens
Military bases
Aero clubs
Soccer and golf fields
Civil construction

To transport people
Visitors displacement
Sports and leisure
Tourism and ecological tours
To transport bags, boxes and other materials
Rescue and first aid
Patrolling and security
Weight 610,00 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 day legal warranty plus 9 month contractual warranty) for manufacturing imperfections or defects.
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