Riding Lawn Mower Zero Turn Tramontina Troy-Bilt

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Recommendations for Use - PROPER AND SAFE USAGE: The product is ideal for maintenance of large areas of grass, such as resorts, residential condominiums, ranches, soccer fields and golf courses. Before using the equipment, please read the user and maintenance manual carefully. Please read the engine manual also included with the product. We recommend using only Tramontina replacement parts.

- INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The lawn mower engine does not come with oil. Please fill of W30 Synthetic oil

- BEFORE USING: Carefully read the manual of instructions and maintenance. The oil change should happen after 50 hours of operation. Please inspect the lawn mower and fill up the oil every time the lawn mower is used if necessary.

- DURING USE: Keep children and animals away from the lawn mower when it is in operation. While you are working with the lawn mower always wear closed-toed shoes. Do not permit inexperienced people to use the equipment before they have read the manual of instructions. Always use high quality gas and do not leave any fuel in the tank after use. Please check the air filter cleanliness periodically, or at least every time you change the oil.

- CLEANING: After using, clean the lawn mower with a damp cloth or brush. Never pour water on it. When the lawn mower is not being used, it should also be kept far from children.

- Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 269,00 kg
Warranty 6 months (90 days legal warranty plus 3 months contractual warranty) for manufacturing imperfections or defects.