Tramontina's TR40 Shredder with Side Discharge

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Tramontina's TR40 Shredder with side discharge and no engine is a machine that makes your agricultural tasks easier. Recommended for intensive use in gardening and rural activities, it meets your farming needs. With a side discharge and no engine (allowing you to connect to a motor already on your property), it is a robust product that will provide excellent results. Ideal for cutting and grinding fodder (sugarcane, corn, grass, etc.), seeds and cereal shells for animal feed of all sorts. It can also be used to shred branches, leaves, and other materials to make compost. A high-performance machine with a high productive capacity.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - Shredder without engine.
- The belt drive system enables the use of a motor already installed in your property. Motor suggestions: single-phase motor 2 hp and 3 hp and three-phase 3 hp motor.
- Made with a strengthened steel sheet, which ensures longer lasting equipment.
- Metallic pieces receive an electrostatic powder painting for a better look and increased anti-oxidation protection.
- Two blades made of special high-quality, heat-treated carbon steel for a longer-lasting and highly-resistant material.
- 10 moveable hammers help to break materials down, enhancing productivity, and providing more autonomy. It is possible to use all 4 corners.
- Adjustable material cutting.
- With side discharge.
- Rubber pads to absorb machine vibration.
- Equipped with a funnel for grains and a shoot for grass.
- The upper funnel is equipped with a grain input control system.
- Accompanied by a four sieves: 3 mm sieve (fine grain) has an average production 150-310 kg/h, 5 mm sieve (thick grain) has an average production 300-660 kg/h, 10 mm sieve (bran) has an average production 200-400 kg/h and plain sieve (fodder) has an average production 650-1300 kg/h.
- Robust, high-performance, and high-productivity equipment.
- Technical support available in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.
Recommendations for Use - PROPER AND SAFE USAGE: Equipment ideal for cutting and shredding fodder (sugar cane, corn, grasses, etc.), grinding seeds and grains for animal feed of all sorts. It also shreds branches, leaves, and other materials that can be made into natural fertilizer.
When conducting any type of maintenance, the electrical cable has to be unplugged from the socket. Never use the shredder in the rain and always operate during the day or in very well-lit areas. Inspect the cord periodically. We recommend using only Tramontina replacement parts.

- INSTRUCTIONS: Before turning the equipment on, check if its voltage is in accordance with the electric power. For your safety, be careful to not put your hands over the determined limits when filling the machine?s mouth. If you hear any unusual noises, switch the machine off and unplug it from the socket before opening the cover.

- BEFORE USING: Carefully read the manual of instructions and maintenance.

- DURING USE: While you are working with the shredder always wear closed-toed shoes. Do not permit inexperienced people to use the equipment before they have read the manual of instructions. Keep children and animals away from the shredder when it is in operation.

- CLEANING: After using, clean the shredder with a damp cloth or brush. Never pour water on it. When the shredder is not being used, it should also be kept far from children.

- Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 56,30 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 day legal warranty plus 9 month contractual warranty) for manufacturing imperfections or defects.
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