Tramontina's PE50 Electric Hedge Trimmer with a 500-mm-long Blade, 600 W, 220 V

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Hedges, green walls, and bushes will be even more lush after you use Tramontina's PE50 electric hedge trimmer with a 500-mm-long blade, 600 W, 220 V. Tramontina's trimmer is a lightweight and compact product that enables you to trim green areas with ease. What is more, it is safe and comfortable to use due to the double switch grip and ergonomic rotating handle. Ideal for those who want the quality, versatility, and durability that only Tramontina offers.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - 600 W engine, 220 V, 60 Hz.
- Maximum rotation of 1,700 rpm.
- Cutting razor with length 500mm.
- Cutting blade made of special high-quality, heat-treated carbon steel for a longer-lasting and highly-resistant material.
- Body in ABS (lightweight, resistant, non-corrosive material).
- Cable locking system prevents disconnection of the power cord.
- Double ignition switch ensures greater user safety.
- Adjustable grip angle; allows 180° rotation and 5 locking positions for easier adaptation to different trimming angles.
- Protective skirt for the operator?s hands.
- Ergonomically designed for easier handling.
- It is lightweight, compact, easy to handle and quiet.
- Provides a more uniform finishing due to continuous cutting of the vegetation.
- Domestic use.
- Technical support available in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. Access:
Recommendations for Use - PROPER AND SAFE USAGE: Equipment for trimming hedges and other bushes. May be used in topiary (the art of trimming plants into ornamental shapes).
When conducting any type of maintenance, the electrical cable has to be unplugged from the socket. Never use the hedge trimmer in the rain or wet places. Always operate during the day or in very well-lit areas. Inspect the cord periodically. We recommend using only Tramontina replacement parts.

- INSTRUCTIONS: Before turning the equipment on, check if its voltage is in accordance with the electric power. For your safety, avoid unplugging the electric cable while you are working. Connect the power cord to the fixing of the hedge trimmer.

- BEFORE USING: Carefully read the manual of instructions and maintenance.

- DURING USE: While you are working with the hedge trimmer always wear closed-toed shoes. Do not permit inexperienced people to use the equipment before they have read the manual of instructions.

- CLEANING: After using, clean the hedge trimmer with a damp cloth or brush. Never pour water on it. When the hedge trimmer is not being used, it should also be kept far from children.

- Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 3,65 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 day legal warranty plus 9 month contractual warranty) for manufacturing imperfections or defects.
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