1/2" garden hose, 200 m

Code 79210521

Tending to your lawn should be a pleasant activity, which is why it is great to have a completely capable and durable hose. Tramontina's hose adds efficiency and quality to your work and makes your daily routine easier. Manufactured with highly flexible and resistant material, the hose enables you to reach the hardest spots when watering your lawn.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - Highly flexible hose and easy to use.
- Has 200 m long.
- It can handle up to 174 psi of water pressure [12 bar] and 50 °C of temperature.
- It has three distinct layers to ensure greater resistance: PVC fiber inside and outside, and with a layer of braided polyester cord.
Recommendations for Use - Hose indicated to domestic use or professional use in gardening, with maximum pressure of 12 bar [174 psi].
- To increase the durability of the hose avoid keeping it stored directly under sun light.
- The maximum temperature of the water during the use has to be 50 °C.
- Coils with 50 meters up are indicated to be sold according to consumers necessity. It is recommended to use Hose Displays to exhibit the goods.
- Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 31,38 kg
Warranty 90 day legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.