Blade for garden pruning saw, length 8" / 210 mm

Code 78399005

Blade for garden pruning saw - length 8" / 210 mm

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - Produced with high-quality.
- Blade cutting area 8" / 210 mm.
- Special blade design reduces friction between blade and wood, providing easier and smoother cutting.
- Tooth profile designed to cut both ways assures a clean cut, without jagged edges, allowing the branch to heal quickly.
- Highly sharp teeth provide accurate cutting and don't require periodical tuning.
- Used in pruning saws: 78372/401.
Recommendations for Use - We recommend using Tramontina pruning saws and tree pruners replacement parts when necessary.
- Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 0,06 kg
Warranty 90 day legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.