Tramontina's Steel Grass Shears with plastic handle

Code 78322501

A well-trimmed flowerbed or lawn is beautiful, isn't it? And to make it perfect you need to trim those corners where the lawn mower can't reach. It's with this in mind that we bring you Tramontina's steel grass shears with plastic handle, which enables more precise cutting for a perfect finish. This tool is lightweight and easy to handle so that you can get the job done with less effort. Now your home will have that impeccable garden you've always dreamed of.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - The shears is completely hardened which guarantees greater strength and lower wear during use.
- Blade produced with high-quality, special carbon steel.
- Handle has a 360 degree twist with 16 cutting positions that allow for the cutting of any shape.
- Support base with height adjuster provides a uniform cut for the grass.
- Light ergonomic plastic handles, providing greater comfort during use.
- Practical setting button for single hand operation.
- It has a safety lock to secure the blades when the scissors are not in use.
- Lightweight and easy to use.
Recommendations for Use - These hedge shears are made to grass trimming and grass edge pruning.
- Sharp blade. Contact may result in injury.
- Handle with care and keep out of reach of children.
- Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 0,25 kg
Warranty 90 day legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.