Tramontina's fruit pruner with stainless steel blades

Code 78310101

When you see a ripe, juicy fruit, you just want to pick it, right? The best way to do it is with Tramontina's fruit pruner with stainless steel blades. With excellent blades, these shears will help you to harvest fresh fruit, trim or thin out fruit trees, and prune bonsai trees. There are many possibilities.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - Lightweight shears: easy to use.
- Stainless steel blades avoiding oxidation.
- Blades made of tempered stainless steel providing great resistance.
- Beveled blade: causes no damage when harvesting fruit.
- Ergonomic countor handle providing comfortable job.
- Maximum cutting diameter of: 5 mm.
Recommendations for Use - It's used for harvest, chisel and scour fruits and for bonsai pruning or maintenance.
- Keep tool clean and dry it after washing it. Apply a thin layer of oil on the blades and joints.
- Cauntion: Sharp blade. Contact may result in injury. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children.
- Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 0,05 kg
Warranty 90 day legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.