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Post hole digger, 120 cm wood handle, with plastic post

Code 77562503

For those who work with soil, Tramontina's post hole digger is a practical and indispensable tool. In addition to digging and removing soil at once, it can also be used to move plants, dig holes, and much more. All this is done with a hardened steel blade, which ensures much more resistance.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - The post hole digger is completely hardened which guarantees greater strength and lower wear during use.
- Produced with high-quality, special carbon steel.
- It is electrostatic powder painting for a better look and increased anti-oxidation protection.
- This 120 cm tool's shaft is highly resistant and produced with wood from renewable sources.
- Handle with a varnished finish for a better appearance. The transparent varnish protective layer enhances the color and adds shine and a smooth touch to the product
- It has polypropylene post to limit the closing angle of handles, avoiding damage to hands and offering ergonomic comfort and more safety during use.
Recommendations for Use - Post hole diggers can be used in agriculture, gardening and construction. They are great for digging and removing dirt in one single operation and they are indispensable for digging holes, transplant seedlings, fixing poles, opening ditches for pipes, or digging
and removing dirt without a lot of effort.
- Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 2,50 kg
Warranty 90 day legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.