Tramontina by Breville 127 V 1.7 L Transparenza stainless steel electric kettle with glass jug

Code 69090011

With this 127 V 1.7 L Transparenza stainless steel electric kettle with glass jug from the Tramontina by Breville line of home appliances, your kitchen will have more convenience, beauty and a modern touch. Its innovative design includes a Schott glass jug, wide opening lid for quick and easy filling, removable purity filter for easy cleaning, and cordless jug when removed from the swivel base. It also has a 1.7 L capacity, equivalent to 7 cups. Guaranteed quick boil and automatic switch-off with protection against dry boiling. BPA-free materials. Ergonomic handle with button for opening the lid for safe and practical use. The ideal choice for every kitchen!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Product available only in Brazil.
Large opening lid to fill quickly and easily.
Removable purity filter for easy cleaning.
1.7 litre/7 cup capacity.
German Schott glass jug.
BPA-free materials.
Auto shut-off & boil dry protection.
Fast boiling.
Jug is cordless when taken out of the rotatory base.
Ergonomic handle with lid release button.
Illuminated power ON/OFF switch.
Voltage: 127V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power rating: 1500W
Appliance for domestic usage only.
Recommendations for Use Carefully read all instructions before operating and save for future reference.
Remove and safely dispose of any packaging material and promotional labels
before using the kettle for the first time.
This kettle has been designed specifically for thepurpose of boiling quality drinking water only. Under no circumstances should this product be used to boil any other liquids or foodstuffs.
Do not place the kettle near the edge of a bench or table during operation. Ensure the surface is level, clean, and free of water and other substances.
Do not use the kettle on a sink drain board.
Keep the kettle clear of walls, curtains, and other heat or steam sensitive materials. Minimum 20cm distance.
Always ensure the kettle is properly assembled before use. Follow the instructions provided in the manual.
Never touch the kettle?s hot surfaces. Use the handle for lifting and carrying the kettle.
Never place anything on top of the lid.
Always ensure the kettle switch is in the 'OFF' position and, plug it from the power outlet before attempting to move the appliance, when the appliance is not in use, and before cleaning and storing.
Use caution when pouring water from the kettle, as boiling water and steam will scald. Do not pour water too quickly.
Neverremove the kettle from the power base during operation. Ensure the kettle is switched to 'off' position after the water has boiled before removing the kettle from the power base.
Never move the kettle whilst in operation.
Never open the lid during operation.
Never overfill the kettle past the maximum water level mark. If the kettle is overfilled, boiling water may be ejected.
Certification Product certified as per UL OCP 0029 Mandatory INMETRO Security.
Weight 1,45 kg
Capacity 1.70 L
Warranty 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day warranty as required by law, plus 4 years and 9 months contractual warranty).