Stainless Steel Wall Cupboard with sliding doors 1200x400mm

Code 68252718

Wall Cupboard with sliding doors. Built entirely in 303 AISI stainless steel with rounded corners to ensure maximum hygiene and safety. Sliding door system without tracks and with central locking. Provided internal shelf with adjustment in 3 height levels. Double bent doors with no protruding edges to enhance structure strength.
Provided with installation kit.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Dimensions: 1200x400x670mm
Shelf size: 1120x310mm
Stainless steel thickness: 0.7mm
Recommendations for Use Make sure that the wall is sturdy enough to support the weight of the cupboard before installing it. If the wall is made in plaster or other low resistant material, it will be necessary to prepare specific supports to ensure a secure installation.
Weight 33,00 kg
Length 1200 mm
Width 400 mm
Height 670 mm