Gas Fry Top with ribbed plate on open base 800x950 mm

Code 67033000

Gas Fry Top with Smooth Plate on open base, 800 module: cooking plate in high thickness iron and high thermal conductivity. Equipped with a thermostat that keeps a constant temperature even during intensive operation, so ensuring optimum cooking. The cooking surface is embossed and has a large drain hole for the discharge of cooking waste into a collector placed under the cooking surface that is easily accessible for cleaning. Heating with tubular burners uniformly distributed underneath the plate, spreading the heat evenly. Piezo spark ignition with pilot flame. Security ensured by thermal valves.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits External Dimension: 800x950x900 mm
Cooking surface size: 755x760x15 mm
Power: 18 kW
Gas consumption: LPG: 1.41kg/h - GN: 1.95 m3/h
Operation temperature: 140° - 320°C
Cooking surface: 304 stainless steel, 2 mm thickness
Net weight: 152 kg
Recommendations for Use Perform daily cleaning and disinfection of the product to ensure its correct operation.
In order to sanitize the cooking surface, allow it to cool for 15 minutes and then pour water directly on top. Use a spatula to scrape off the surface dirt and remove it from the cooking surface.
Once the cooking surface is cool, clean it with a sponge and neutral detergent, then rinse it.
In the model made of carbon steel it is important to dry the cooking surface in order to prevent iron oxidation.
Do not perform cutting operations on the cooking surface of the chrome model.
Do not use high pressure and water jets to clean the equipment so not to damage its internal components.
Never use chlorine based products, as they may damage stainless steel.
Weight 116,00 kg
Length 800 mm
Width 950 mm
Height 900 mm
Warranty 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day warranty as required by law, plus 4 years and 9 months contractual warranty).
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