Stainless steel chafing dish with burner

Code 65500670

- Entirely made in stainless steel, it does not release residues onto food, keeping it healthy. Its simple design with no corners makes it very easy to clean.
- The triple-ply bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) distributes heat evenly, resulting in quick and uniform cooking, saving power and keeping food warm for longer.
- Its handles allow the transportation properlly.
- Keeps food at its ideal temperature.
- Appropriate for use at buffets and events.
- Includes stainless steel burner.
- In addition to functioning as a chafing dish, can be used as pan by simply removing it from the holder.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Material: stainless steel with burner.
Recommendations for Use Use the burner correctly, observing the recommendations below:
Open the burner turning the lid in a clockwise direction and fill it with the gel alcohol. Do not pass the height of the screw thread.
Only use gel alcohol in the burner. Do not use liquid alcohol.
The recommended quantity of alcohol guarantees the maintenance of the flame for approximately 2 hours.
Place the burner on the stand and use a match or a long-tipped lighter to light at the center hole. Opening, you will obtain high fire and closing will have low fire.
Use the moveable handle on the burner to adjust the flame. For more heat, leave the holes open. To reduce heat, rotate the handle as to partially cover the holes.
After using the burner, remove the gel alcohol residues from the fuel recipient.
ATTENTION: Avoid accidents! Allow the burner and fuel to cool down before
handling. Do not store the burner filled with fuel.
Weight 2,90 kg
Length 320 mm
Width 304 mm
Height 340 mm
Diameter 24.0 cm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing flaws or defects.
Capacity 6.10 L