Tramontina triangular stainless steel coaster set, 6 pieces

Code 64590040

Your table will get a new look with Tramontina's 6-piece triangular stainless steel coaster set. With striking lines, geometric shapes and elegance, Tramontina's products combine a light weight with smooth shapes to guarantee a charming table. Made entirely of stainless steel, the pieces do not release any particles and are highly durable. Tramontina's stainless steel coaster set from the TR3S line is ideal for those who enjoy serving well and offering the best to their guests. The set is perfect for protecting tables, pieces of furniture and other surfaces. Easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Set composition

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits A contemporary design, light and smooth shapes, and three distinguishing points that guarantee a charming table.
Protection for tables, furniture, and other surfaces.
A bold design with light, triangular lines.
Highly durable.
Matches any environment.
Memorable traces, geometrical shapes, and elegance.

Recommendations for Use Care tips
The utensils for serving purposes should not be use don hot surfaces or to heat food.
To keep your utensils looking good it is best to wash them with only detergent and sponge.
Do not use anything with sharp edges as this could scratch the utensils
For best results, after washing the utensils rinse them in hot water and dry them immediately after
If you use a dishwashing machine, we recommend removing the dishes as soon as the "rinse" cycle ends and dry them by hand.
Weight 0,20 kg
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
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