Tramontina 350 ml Italian Espresso Coffee Maker

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We need the right tools to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Did you know that the moka pot is still one of the most popular methods for brewing espresso? With Tramontina's 350 ml moka pot, you will have a unique experience wherever you are: on vacation, at a picnic or even camping as it is very easy to transport. Easy to use without electricity, it has been designed to be used on the stovetop using steam brewing as a method and its stainless steel design is extremely easy to clean. The Chá e Café line always guarantees good times!

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits The Italian coffee maker is still one of the most popular methods for espresso-making.
The versatility of an Italian coffee maker is a great advantage. It is easy to transport and it does not require a power connection, which allows you to prepareyour espresso anywhere - on vacation, at a picnic or even out camping.
The Tramontina Italian coffee maker was designed to be used directly on the cooker, using the steam-pressure brewing method to make your favorite espresso.
Tramontina's stainless steel Italian coffee maker works with steam pressure and gravity.
The process consists of boiling water in the bottom chamber, which generates steam and pressure. The steam pushes the hot water out of the chamber through the ground coffee and is filtered to the upper chamber.
Stainless steel filter basket.
Capacity: 350 ml. Serves 6 cups (50ml)
It can be used on gas, electric, vitroceramic glass and induction.
Recommendations for Use Hand wash all parts with lukewarm water and rinse well.
Use a soft cloth to clean coffee residue off.
Never use steel wool or abrasive products to clean your Tramontina Italian coffee maker.
After washing, dry thoroughly before re-assembling the coffee maker.
Before the first use and regularly (but not necessarily each time you use it), remove and wash the rubber gasket and the round filter plate.
Replace the gasket if it becomes dry, cracked or if you notice that steam is coming out of the thread between the top and bottom parts.
Weight 0,56 kg
Capacity 0.35 L
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
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