Tramontina glass and stainless steel teapot with infuser, 1 L

Code 61764100

Bring that touch of charm and coziness that goes so well with delicious hot beverages into your home. Choose Tramontina's 1 L glass and stainless steel teapot with infuser and add greater convenience, quality and elegance to your table. The piece is made of borosilicate glass, which is highly resistant to thermal shock so you can prepare hot and cold beverages without damaging the product. It also features a classic design with a contemporary touch due to its construction in glass. An ideal piece for your breakfast table with all the quality and convenience that only Tramontina can offer!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits It has a contemporary, elegant design that adds charm when serving at the table, the perfect companion for those who love a good cup of tea.
It is made of borosilicate glass, a material that is highly resistant to thermal shock.
This is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product.
It can be used with or without the infuser.
Highly transparent.
Easy to wash and store.
Compatible with gas, electric and glass ceramic cooktops.
Cannot be used with induction cooktops.
Capacity: 1 L. Serves 12 cups (83ml)
Borosilicate glass body
Stainless steel cap and infuser
Recommendations for Use As with any other glass ware, caution must be taken when handling the product as
well as stirring the liquid inside. In order to avoid breaking and cracking, always
use a plastic, silicone or wooden spoon.
When making an ice tea or any other drink that requires ice, place the drink in the beaker first and add the ice afterwards to avoid the ice cracking the bottom of the glass.
The Tramontina teapot is dishwasher safe and Microwave Safe*. (*Glass part only)
Clean Tea Maker thoroughly after each use.
To keep Stainless Steel in good condition, use mild soap and soft sponge only.
Designed to withstand temperatures between -20 and 150°C.
Weight 0,31 kg
Capacity 1.00 L
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
Seals Selos