Tramontina Exata glass insert for 300 ml stainless steel thermal teapot

Code 61645900

Guarantee your tea and other beverages remain hot with Tramontina Exata glass insert for 300 ml stainless steel thermal teapot. Made of glass, it is ideal for 0.3 L thermal teapots. Sold separately as a replacement part.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Material: glass container.
Replacement for product:
61645/030, 61645/033, 61645/034, 61645/036
61644/030, 61644/034, 61644/036.
Recommendations for Use Replacing the glass container:
Be extra careful when replacing a broken or damaged glass container:
Loosen the glass container seal adjustment (turn it counter-clockwise).
Loosen the beverage dispenser base (turn it counter-clockwise).
If the glass container is broken, remove the glass shards carefully wearing protective goggles and gloves. Identify and discard the glass shards to prevent injuries to third parties who may handle this product.
Wash the thermal carafe thoroughly with running water to remove all glass residue.
Using extreme care and protective equipment, grab the new glass container and slide it into the body (do not hit the glass container).
Replace and tighten the beverage dispenser base.
Softly screw in the seal adjustment.
Ensure the glass is well centered in the top part, and then tighten the seal adjustment.
Test the thermal efficiency by filling the beverage dispenser with boiling or cold water and close the lid. After 3 hours, check whether the water is still at the desired temperature.
Weight 0,16 kg
Capacity 0.30 L
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.