Tramontina 1.2 L Exata stainless steel thermal beverage dispenser with glass container

Code 61641120

When it comes to your tea or coffee time, there is nothing better than a thermal beverage dispenser that keeps drinks hot for as long as possible, right? Tramontina's 1.2 L stainless steel thermal beverage dispenser with glass container from the Exata line does just that. You can take it anywhere as its timeless features and clean design go well in any setting. It features a built-in handle, comfortable grip and feels solid. It?s easy to pull the handle out and the push button for the pump is stainless steel. In addition, the dispenser has a drip-free system which prevents it from dripping after serving. This strong, simple and modern thermal beverage dispenser takes up less room in your home and during transport. It is also lightweight and easy to use, with a fingerprint-free textured finish that prevents marks. A thermal beverage dispenser with the Tramontina quality that you trust.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits With timeless lines and a clean design, the thermal airpot in the Exata Line go well with any style and space.
Ideal to keep hot or cold liquids at the right temperature for much longer.
Built-in handle, comfortable grip, and stable feeling.
User-friendly pull-out handle.
Stainless steel push button.
Drip-proof system to prevent undesired dripping after serving.
Textured fingerprint-proof finish to prevent marks.
Built-in easy-to-use lock system.
Stainless steel body and glass container.
Strong, simple, and modern, it takes up less room in your house and during transportation.
Practical and safe for the entire family.
Lightweight and easy to use.
Components BPA free.
Hygienic, easy to clean.
Replacement vaccum insulated glass ampoule: 61641/900.
Recommendations for Use Wash all parts of the thermal airpot with water and mild detergent before use.
To avoid leaks, ensure the lid is properly attached to the body of the tea or coffee pot.
For hot beverages: pre-heat the thermal airpot by filling it with boiling water for approximately 3 minutes; empty it and add the prepared beverage.
For cold beverages: cool the thermal airpot by filling it with cold water for approximately 3 minutes; empty it and add the prepared beverage.
Special care for the thermal airpot with glass container: Do not overfill. Hot beverages may splatter.
Do not shake.
Do not drop or hit it against hard surfaces.
Do not drink directly from the pot.
Do not pour dry ice, fizzy drinks, or any liquids that may generate high pressure into the container.
Never add tea granules or in small pieces to the airpot, as these can clog the liquid outlet tube.
To avoid problems caused by a temperature shock in glass containers, never pour a hot beverage followed by a cold beverage into the container or vice-versa.
Do not add ice cubes as the impact may break the glass container.
Do not remove the glass container from inside the thermal airpot pot unless it breaks or is damaged.
Cleaning instructions: Use mild detergent, a soft sponge, and tepid water to clean; rinse well with clean water.
Do not use a brush with bristles that may break the glass container.
Measure 2 tablespoons of baking soda and fill the beverage dispenser with hot water, let it stand for 12 hours; proceed with the daily cleaning.
Cleaning the pump: the pump cannot be opened, so just pour clear boiling water into the airpot and pump it out to clean the system and the internal pump tubes.
Replacing the glass container: If the glass container is broken, remove the glass shards carefully wearing protective goggles and gloves. Identify and discard the glass shards to prevent injuries to third parties who may handle this product.
Wash the thermal airpot thoroughly with running water to remove all glass residue.
Certification Serving Thermal airpot, compliant with the constant standard as defined by the BRAZILIAN STANDARD FOR THERMAL airpot -NBR 13282 and according to the updated version issued by ABNT - BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF TECHNICAL STANDARDS.
Weight 0,83 kg
Capacity 1.20 L
Warranty 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day warranty as required by law plus 9 months contractual warranty).
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