Tramontina 3.3 L stainless steel whistling kettle with tri-ply base and black handle

Code 61488210

With extra large capacity, Tramontina's 3,3 L stainless steel whistling kettle with black ergonomic handle has an exclusive design and tri-ply base that heats water faster and maintains the temperature for longer. You will know exactly when the water starts to boil thanks to the whistle, which is activated when this happens. This whistling kettle is made of stainless steel with an ergonomic handle. In addition to being stylish, it also adds great safety and convenience to your kitchen.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Highly durable, keeps original features preserving looks, hygiene and durability of material.
Triple-ply bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) distributes heat evenly, resulting in faster and more uniform cooking, saving power and keeping food warm for longer.
The kettle has a whistle that becomes active when the water boils, activated by the steam when boiling starts.
Its exclusive design, edgy finish, and 3,3liter capacity distinguishes the item by its performance, durability, and resistance.
In addition to a beautiful stainless steel accent, the handle has an ergonomic rubber grip for a safer and more comfortable use. The knob of the lid and the whistle match this unique feature.
The polished finish on the body makes it easy to clean and adds a light and elegant touch to the item.
Versatility and beauty when serving.
Availablein special gift packaging.
Safe for daily dishwasher use.
It can be used on gas, electric, vitroceramic glass and induction.
Recommendations for Use Before using for the first time: Remove all labels on the product and wash
with warm water and detergent.
How to use: To keep stainless steel products looking good it is best to wash
them with only detergent and use a soft sponge.
Dry it immediately after washing where possible, because the chemical
substances in the water (chlorine) may cause marks.
Weight 1,20 kg
Capacity 3.35 L
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.