Tramontina Cosmos stainless steel chicken grilling basket with seasoning holder, 38 x 32 cm

Code 61322280

If you like tradition without losing quality, here's the 38 x 32 cm stainless steel chicken grilling basket from the Cosmos line. Made entirely of stainless steel, it's resistant to high temperatures and recommended for gas or charcoal barbecue grills. The material also maintains its original condition for many years. The grilling basket is fully perforated so you can use it to smoke food items. You will also receive a container to season the chicken while it?s grilling.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Entirely made in stainless steel, preserving original features and looks, maintaining hygiene and durability of material.
Stainless steel perforated grill.
Indicated for use in gas grills and charcoal.
May be used with or without the container.
Container to season the meat while cooking included.
Add a special touch such as wine, stock, beer...
Recommended for use on gas and charcoal barbecue grills with heating chamber (cover).
Recommendations for Use Before using the product, wash it with neutral detergent and a soft sponge and after washing, whenever possible, rinse the product with hot water and dry it immediately.
Stainless steel handles heat up during cooking. We recommend the use of heat resistant gloves during handling.
Always use heat resistant utensils.
Avoid leaving food in the product for a long time; salt can also cause blemishes.
Always let the product dry before diving into the water.
If you allow food to burn, soak the product in water.
Resists the dishwasher.
Weight 2,00 kg
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
Seals Selos Selos