Tramontina Utility toothpick holder with stainless steel lid

Code 61120000

There's nothing like having useful items within our reach at mealtimes. Tramontina's Utility toothpick holder with stainless steel lid is perfect for making available with your best dishes, whether after a barbecue or dinner with friends. It will definitely add to your kitchen needs.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Highly durable, maintains original features, preserving looks, hygiene and durability of material.
Its clean design without corners makes cleaning a lot easier.
Beautiful and practical design. Ideal for at the table.
That item con also be used as a replacement for the Utility condiment set.
Material: glass container and stainless steel lid.
Recommendations for Use Before using for the first time: Remove all labels on the product and wash with warm water and detergent.
How to use: To keep products looking good it is best to wash them with only detergent and use a soft sponge.
Dry it immediately after washing where possible, because the chemical
substances in the water (chlorine) may cause marks.
Weight 0,09 kg
Length 37 mm
Width 37 mm
Height 100 mm
Diameter 2.0 cm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing flaws or defects.
Capacity 0.10 L