Tramontina Utilitystainless steel digital bathroom scales

Code 61101200

With Tramontina's stainless steel digital bathroom scales, you will be able to monitor your weight in the privacy of your home. These stainless steel scales come with a battery charge indicator and auto switch-off. They have a capacity of up to 180 kg. Tramontina's digital scales are safe to use and give you precision every day.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits The Tramontina digital scale is made of stainless steel.
Features a battery indicator.
Power: 6V - 4 AAA batteries
Automatic shut-off.
Capacity: 180 kg
Recommendations for Use The scale is not waterproof;
Do not use chemical products to clean the scale;
Do not allow any objects to fall on the scale that could damage it;
Step carefully on the scale; do not jump on or bump the scale ;
Do not store the scale in an upright position; always keep it in a flat position;
If it will not turn on, check the batteries for proper contacts and whether they need replacing.
Weight 1,74 kg
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.