Tramontina rectangular stainless steel chafing dish with hinged lid, burner and GN 1/1 pan, 9 L

Code 61045010

Sophistication, refinement and beauty. This will describe your event if you use Tramontina's 9 L rectangular stainless steel chafing dish with hinged lid, burner and GN 1/1 pan, to display your dishes. Your guests will be excited to try these warm and delicious foods. This product is made entirely of non-toxic stainless steel, which keeps your food safe for consumption and always at the right temperature. The pan is highly resistant and the handles make it easy to carry. The condensation that forms under the lid runs back into the water pan. And to ensure your food is always warm and tasty, the chafing dish also comes with stainless steel burners. Your event will be even more sophisticated with Tramontina's rectangular stainless steel chafing dish with hinged lid and burner.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 100% stainless steel; keeps food healthy by leaving no residue on food.
Condensed water in the lid returns to the chafing dish.
Chafing dish has rounded corners and smooth walls for easier cleaning.
Chafing dish is very durable.
Handles make transporting easier.
Keeps food at its ideal temperature.
Appropriate for use at buffets and events.
Includes stainless steel burners.
Recommendations for Use Tramontina Recommends Safety First:
We at Tramontina are always concerned with safety, we design and manufacture our products putting your safety first, additionally, we ask you to be careful when using any electrical appliance and please follow the instructions below.
Safety measures:
To prevent the asphyxiation of small children, remove and safely dispose
of all plastic packaging of product.
Do not place the appliance near the edge of a counter or table during use. Make sure that the surface is level and clean.
Place the appliance at a minimum distance of 7.8 inches from walls, curtains, fabrics, and other heat-sensitive materials.
Before using, make sure the appliance is correctly assembled. Follow the instructions laid out in this manual.
Do not place cardboard, plastic, paper, or other flammable materials near the appliance.
Before moving, disassembling, cleaning, and storing the appliance, or when it is not in use or is left unattended, make sure the chafing dish is cool.
Do not clean this appliance with a water jet.
Supervise children to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
Chafing dish with burner instructions of use:
View the step-by-step guide to heat up or cool down food:
Fill the external container with hot water (to improve heating efficiency) up to the indicated level (see marking).
Place food in the internal container.
Remove the burner from the chafing dish base and add gel fuel.
Replace the burner in the chafing dish base.
Light the burner.
To extinguish the flame, use the snuff cap.
To keep food cool, keep the burner off and put ice in the external container. Using the burner: Use the burner correctly, observing the following recommendations:
Open the burner by turning the lid counterclockwise and add gel fuel. Do not go beyond the thread.
Only use gel fuel in the burner. Do not use liquid fuel.
Open the vents and light the fire through the central hole.
To adjust the flame, use the air vents.
The amount of fuel recommended ensures the flame burns for approximately two hours.
After using the burner, remove the gel fuel residue from the cup.
Avoid accidents! When re-filling the burner, make sure the flame is completely extinguished.
Weight 6,55 kg
Length 690 mm
Width 370 mm
Height 295 mm
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
Capacity 9.06 L
Seals Selos