Tramontina stainless steel polish and stain removal paste, 200 g

Code 60900000

Who doesn't like seeing their kitchenware sparkling? Your stainless steel cookware and flatware will sparkle with Tramontina's 200 g stainless steel polish and stain removal paste. The paste, which does not contain any toxic elements, also removes stains from enamel and painted surfaces, which means it can be used on sinks, kettles, serving trays, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and whatever else you need to clean. Make your home sparkle with Tramontina's polishing paste.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits The product removes stains from surfaces providing the conditions for a shiny polish.
The product is recommended for polishing and removing surface stains from stainless steel products such as: cookware, basins, bowls, stoves, hoods, filters, refrigerators, handrails and elevators.
Indicated for polishing and cleaning stainless steel.
Non ionic surfactant, preservative, enhancing agent and water. Non-toxic. Does not contain solvents in its formulation.
Validity: 30 months from factory production date.
Package of 200g.
Recommendations for Use Directions:
To remove stains, spread a small amount of paste with a clean, soft cotton cloth (dry or damp) and rub well into the surface. To polish, apply a small amount of paste onto the previously cleaned and dry surface. Rub well with a clean and soft cotton cloth (dry) until there is a solid and dark residue. Remove the residue and wash the surface right away. To maintain the surface's shine, do not use abrasive pads.
The product is not a primary skin irritant or sensitizer.
Contact with eyes may cause irritation (contains abrasives).
Ingestion may cause irritation of mucous membranes and vomiting.
It does not release vapors or toxic dust.
Keep away from children and pets.
Always keep the package closed.
Store in a cool place away from sunlight.
Do not reuse the packaging for other purposes.
Weight 0,20 kg
Length 180 mm
Width 60 mm
Height 35 mm