Square Recessed LED Ceiling Tramontina 480 lm 6 W Bivolt 4000 K Neutral Light

Code 58026201

Tramontina introduces a range of products that are perfect for lighting your home. Tramontina's Slim 480 lm 6 W 4000 K neutral light square recessed LED ceiling light from the Iluminação LED line provides better lighting with less energy consumption. It is the right choice for replacing traditional recessed ceiling lights as it is a more economical and efficient product. Instant start for brighter light as soon as the light bulb is switched on. This neutral light square recessed ceiling light is perfect for beautifying indoor areas such as living rooms, bedrooms and halls. This dual voltage product produces 480 lumens, using 6 watts with an output of 4000 kelvins.

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Weight 0,14 kg
Warranty 2 years (90 days of legal guarantee added 1 year and 9 months of contractual guarantee)