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Tramontina Thermal Overload Relay TRR2-25 17~25 A

Code 58015345

Have you thought about giving your installations longer durability? The Tramontina Thermal Overload Relay TRR2-25 17~25 A is the right choice for this task. This product will provide protection and safety to three-phase electric engines in a quick and practical way, featuring two auxiliary contacts for shutting down in cases of engine overload. The best part is that this item features tripping current adjustment to match the installed engine. You can use this product in your company for industrial automation, or even at home for actuating water pumps.

  • file_FI Datasheet
  • file_FI Datasheet

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits .
Recommendations for Use
Installation by qualified personnel is recommended, following all safety measures for electrical installations. It must be installed in a protected environment, such as distribution boards or electrical panels. Check the proper sizing of the thermal overload relay for your application, preventing unwanted tripping or tripping failure when the engine is overloaded.
Weight 0,14 kg
Length 66 mm
Width 45 mm
Height 94 mm
Warranty 90 days legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.