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Tramontina On Delay Timer Contact Block TRF5-T2 1NO+1NC 0,1 to 30 s

Code 58015273

Industrial automations demand safety and efficiency, for which you can count on the Tramontina On Delay Timer Contact Block TRF5-T2 0,1 to 30 s 1NO+1NC. The piece is intended for applications that require timed contactor control. It features a pneumatic timing system that allows for setting the time, in addition to having two built-in auxiliary contacts. You thus gain in effectiveness with Tramontina total quality.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits .
Recommendations for Use
Installation by qualified personnel is recommended, following all safety measures for electrical installations. It must be installed in a protected environment, such as distribution boards or electrical panels.
Weight 0,48 kg
Length 45 mm
Width 50 mm
Height 60 mm
Warranty 90 days legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.